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The Creator

Laura O'Brien lives in the Pacific Northwest in the United States. She's currently attending college and trying to figure out how to make some money for herself. She likes comics, indie hipster junk, Half Life 2, artichokes, and the internets.[insert joke about talking about oneself in the third person here]

All the Better is her first comic project and decidedly a work in progress. She asks that you bear with her as she learns as she goes.

The Comic

All the Better is one part fairy tale, one part H.G. Wells, and another part everyday humdrum. The worlds involved are not limited to the rules and restrictions of ours and so the fantastical is commonplace. In their daily lives the characters struggle to find the balance between magic and science, harmony between humans and non-, and peace between the past and present. It's a time of change and upheaval and a time for one to question one's own preconceptions, or fight for them.